Here you can see an overview of the projects I did during my Master Industrial Design, with pictures and links to the evidence. Besides that I give a short overview of the highlights of my Bachelor Industrial Design.

Graduation project: Smart Workwear


The world of wearable technology is booming, as is the closely related area of the internet of things. In the past years many projects were developed, mostly ending in one-off concepts or gadgets. Lately the sports industry succeeded to create great concepts in these areas. I believe more branches can benefit from these innovations.


That is why I took on the challenge to catalyse, and design for, innovation in workwear and protective wear at HAVEP. A process, developed into the best-practice shown on the left, started out with customer research at STORK, and ended up with the development of posture analysing workwear together with ISENSIT.


The polos with incorporated sensors are used by ten people in a pilot in the HAVEP warehouse. Collective feedback is shown on screen, and the data and visualisations will be developed along the way. The polos are customized at HAVEP with a pocket, and the HAVEP casings are printed at Shapeways.









RUN!: Buoy


The Dutch are living more healthy then three years ago, and are more aware of their health by monitoring their movement (Multiscope). They sport more then ten years ago, and exercise more often alone or in small self formed groups (SCP). How do we keep this upward trend, and motivate these (lonely) sporters?


The goal of the project is to motivate people to get and stay active and fit. This will be achieved through fun, guidance and connecting people. We do this by interactive route guidance which initiates challenges and games.


Buoy is an interactive systems of poles along the running path, which initiates challenges and games specified for the runner that is passing by. As important as the desired future concept is the road towards there. From detecting runners with sensors, to fully connected systems of digital devices, their positions, and their social context.



The New Green Now: GROEI


How can urban gardening contribute to the education of children about healthy food? The research project GROEI focusses on answering this question by case studies of urban gardening and research activities in schools.


What do children know about their (healthy) food? What activities do children like to do in relation to food? These subjects

are researched through a online questionnaire.


How do children experience the growing of seeds? This is researched with an experiment based on an cultural probe, but with a clearer goal.




Industrial Design Bachelor


Final Bachelor project: Jewellery & Co

My final bachelor project about jewellery. I have made 3D printed rings of 3D scanned models.


Internship: Studio Roosegaarde

An internship at the studio of Daan Roosegaarde, which included prototyping, production and installation of art and design projects.


Project: Stay!

A project about helping elderly with their rehabilitation or care through wearables.


Project: Thorny Devil Skin

A project about creating future concepts with nano technology. I won the shared first price of the Nano Supermarket "Call for new products".



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